Why I Yak: Episode 3


Happy Thursday Yakkers! Yik Yak is a great place because of the communities and people that are on it, and I want you to meet some of these authentic, awesome, and thoughtful folks that make Yik Yak what it is. Without further adieu, I introduce you to Jakia, Colton, Gloria, and William. 

Jakia (Hillsborough Community College) 

Jakia, 19, is a criminal justice and criminology major who loves Yik Yak because it has introduced her to some of her friends. 

"I yak because Yik Yak helped me make all my friends. I also yak because it helps me stay informed about events going on around me."

Colton (UBC Okanagan) 

Colton is a 23 year old psychology major who appreciates Yik Yak because it fosters community. 

"I like to use Yik Yak because it brings together a sense of community. There is nothing better than to wake up, check Yak, and see The Herd helping out a fellow Yakker. All the way from relationship advice to "be careful, sidewalks are icy on campus," everyone is there for each other, and it is really just the best thing!"

Gloria (CSU Dominguez Hills) 

Gloria is 18 and studies biology. She has only been using Yik Yak for a few months, and already has more than 2,000 Yakarma points! 

"I yak mainly because I love to share my thoughts, no matter how random or silly! I also love to read other yaks about what’s going on at school or on campus so I can join/get involved." 

William (Berry College) 


William is a 20 year old environmental science major with a concentration in geology.

"I first downloaded Yik Yak freshman year of college because of all the funny posts on it. Yik Yak is one of my favorite apps because of the blend of humor and serious conversations that happen!"

Why do you yak? Send us a photo that tells us what Yik Yak means to you!