Why I Yak: Episode 5


Happy Thursday Yakkers! Yik Yak is a great place because of the communities and people that are on it, and I want you to meet some of the authentic, awesome, and thoughtful folks that make Yik Yak what it is. Without further adieu, I introduce you to Sean, Amanda, Kelly, and Andrew. 

Sean (Binghamton University) 

Handle: theUnstumpable 

Sean is a 19 year old history major with a minor in medieval studies. He yaks for several reasons, but the biggest of all is to feel connected with his local community.

"I focus on those who spread joy via Yik Yak. I've had several Yik Yak based arguments evolve into therapy sessions, and actually have met up with several people I now call friends because of the app. From Spongebob to friendship, dogs to people sleeping in the middle of lecture hall, Yik Yak is there to unite my school, and the world."  

Amanda (College of William & Mary) 

Amanda, 21, is a psychology and public health double major who uses Yik Yak to help people. 

"I use Yik Yak to connect. The app allows some people to feel comfortable coming forward to ask for help, even if they may not on other platforms. It protects them from the stigma that may come from admitting to struggling with suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, and other mental illness. I respond to these Yaks with the resources we have on campus and otherwise to help get people the help they are reaching out for on a platform that they feel comfortable on."

Kelly (Sacramento State University) 

Kelly is a 21 year old communications major with a great sense of humor. 

"I use Yik Yak because I think it’s a fun way to hear about things going around at school. Going to a big school, it can help make the campus feel a little smaller."

Andrew (Oklahoma State University) 

Handle: CallMeYakGood

Andrew is a 20 year old mechanical engineer who has a true passion for Yik Yak. 

"I yak to stay connected with many of my fellow classmates and it keeps me up-to-date with what is going on around campus. I enjoy making new friends with people I yak with, and now handles and chat make it easier to make friends!"

Why do you yak? Send us a photo that tells us what Yik Yak means to you!