Why I Yak: Episode 6


Happy Thursday Yakkers! Yik Yak is a great place because of the communities and people that are on it, and I want you to meet some of the authentic, awesome, and thoughtful folks that make Yik Yak what it is. Without further adieu, I introduce you to Addie, Austyn, Kristen, and Omar. 

Addie (West Virginia University) 

Addie is an accounting major and a communication minor who loves Yik Yak because it brings the entire university together at the tip of your fingers. 

"Whether it's talking about the game or what's going on in the Mountainlair, it's all live and (more than likely) more honest...You don't get that with a lot of other apps, where you're able to actually interact with other people in the midst of all the action. It's great!"

Austyn (Webster University)

Austyn is a 19 year old film production major who yaks to connect with his peers and brighten their day. 

"I yak is because I love making people happy! Whether it's making (somewhat) funny jokes, posting memes, or typing a heartfelt comment on someone's post about a bad day, Yik Yak helps me help others! One moment I'll never forget I had because of Yik Yak was because of a post made in the wee hours of the morning. It was a sad little poem of sorts, but it had a sense of recognizability to it, and I came to find out that one of my close friends had posted this yak because they didn't know who to go to. So because of that yak, I was able to lend a helping hand!"

Kristen (University of British Columbia Okanagan) 

Handle: Fetus 

Kristen, 18, is a physics major who treats her herd like her family. 

"The love spread around campus by UBCO yak is so inspirational- from upper years advising firsts on the best study spaces, to people sharing the funniest thing their professor just said in lecture...UBCO is a better and happier place because of the positive influence Yik Yak has on our students!"

Omar (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) 

Omar is an 18 year old network and IT security major. He loves that you can yak from anywhere and immediately connect with others! 

"It's hard being in university...Luckily, Yik Yak let's me feel like I'm having a conversation with people all over campus...with none of the walking or standing."

Why do you yak? Send us a photo that tells us what Yik Yak means to you!