Week In Review: Peek Recap from August 28th


Drones are wicked cool. Paper airplanes are also wicked cool. LET’S COMBINE EM! That’s exactly what a few scientists did. Their product retails for about 50 bucks and can fly around 10 minutes on a full charge. You can attach a little camera to the front to get a live scope-out of what your plane sees, which definitely won’t be abused right?



There is a piece of legislation in the works that may start regulating the credentials of fitness trainers. The proposed regulations would create a registry of fitness trainers within the District of Columbia, and individuals may be allowed to bill their insurance companies for the services of registered trainers. This could end up affecting CrossFit in a huge way. But don’t let us be the ones to tell you – no doubt there’s a line around the block of CrossFit cult members yearning to talk your ear off.

U.S. News

And in other DC news, the District has been judged the worst city in the country in terms of traffic.

DC Study

Midwestern cities in the US had a pretty rough go of it last week. First in Cleveland, students were kept on a school bus for several hours before being finally dropped off. That’s weird, but not altogether a big deal. Wisconsin took a much larger hit though, as their beloved Green Bay Packers lost their best receiver for the whole season after he tore his ACL. Poor Jordy.



You know that scene from Space Jam where the Tune Squad is in the locker room at halftime and Bugs Bunny grabs a water bottle and scribbles “Mike’s Secret Stuff” on it. The Tune Squad players believe it to be super water, and guzzle it down believing it will enhance their abilities. This is known as the placebo effect. Russell Wilson would be well served to type that into his Google machine.

Wide Receiver


When you think of slimy businessmen in the news, your mind might wander to Donald Trump. Now, it can also wander to Canada.

Canadian Man
Donald Trump

Word to the wise: don’t propose to your significant other when you are near a body of water. The story described in this next yak involved a man getting down on one knee on a dock. The ring slipped from his hands and bounced through the cracks in the dock into the waters below. Good Samaritans helped the couple locate the ring after 90 minutes of searching but still, there’s a lesson to be learned here.


Thanks for stopping by, keep posting great stuff and we’ll get to keep highlighting it. Fun for everyone. 4 days til we get a three-day-weekend! Woohoo!