Week In Review: Peek Recap from August 7th



The comedy world lost a legend last week. Jon Stewart will still be around, but he won’t be visiting us in our living rooms every Monday through Thursday anymore. Stewart gave us his final Daily Show performance after a long and decorated career running Comedy Central’s flagship news program.

The track record of Stewart’s correspondents speaks volumes about the institution that the Daily Show became under Stewart’s leadership. Steve Carell. Stephen Colbert. John Oliver. Rob Corddry. These are just a few of Stewart’s understudies that used the Daily Show to launch highly successful careers after leaving. Rob Riggle. Aasif Mandvi. Jeff Ross. Ed Helms. Remarkably, the list continues further.

Throughout his tenure with the show, Jon Stewart taught us a lot about how to be funny, but more importantly he taught us about when to be funny. Because he didn’t take himself too seriously, it somehow invested in him the gravitas necessary to report on tragedy, although his de jure position was to report comedy. When an individual is known for humor, his words are all the more substantial when humor is excluded. By no means could what we do here at Week In Review ever approach filling the void left by Stewart, but we can try.


Kim Jong Un is making a case as Jon Stewart’s replacement, though he is facing stiff competition from one Donald Trump. The leader of North Korea is a parody of himself, continuing to amaze with his absurdities. He and Trump actually have quite a lot in common:

Leader of a powerful organization/political entity? Check. Block-shaped body with a famous hairstyle? Check. Known to say and do ludicrous things seemingly for the sole purpose of furthering their own image? Check.


International Events

This past week didn’t exclusively include nonsense from Kim Jong Un’s neck of the woods though. There were plenty of other international news stories that were worthy of Week In Review’s attention. I swear France has a new story like this every single week. They are likely the funniest European country in terms of the number of times they get featured on Week In Review. Just constantly being ridiculous. You do you, France. You do you.



Some fairly interesting news from the aviation world this past week, both within our atmosphere and outside it. The Amelia Earhart yak is a bit dark, but I had to acknowledge it. Anytime life gives you an opportunity to make a joke like that, you absolutely have to take advantage of it.


My favorite random yak of the week takes a pretty big jab at The Crossroads of America: Indiana. It is a state that does not get a lot of attention, but I’ve gotta say that the burgeoning of their bald eagle population is pretty damn cool.That just about wraps it up for this week’s recap! See you Friday!