Week In Review: Peek Feed Recap from Jan. 15-17


The biggest event in the US last week was the climbing of the Powerball lottery purse to a record size. The jackpot prize got somewhere into the range of $1.3 billion, and was eventually split by a handful of different winners across the country. Though the likelihood of winning was extremely low, the size of the purse was such that it drew thousands of contestants who had never played before. Even those who looked down upon the lottery as a "tax on those who can't do math" caved and bought tickets for the chance at the windfall of a lifetime. Naturally, users found plenty of humor in the story.

That third Powerball related yak of course references Donald Trump, the sentient apricot who is currently posing as an American Presidential candidate. There as a Republican debate last Thursday in which Trump was booed consistently for his bombastic answers, one of which questioned the constitutional legitimacy of Ted Cruz's campaign. Trump argued that because Cruz was not born in the United States, it was against the constitution for him to become president. Cruz defended himself by saying that though he was born in Canada, he was born to American nationals who just happened to be abroad at the time of his birth and thus legally counted as a "natural-born American". (Cruz is correct by the way). 

News from Britain that shocked the world last week was of course the passings of both David Bowie and Alan Rickman. The renowned singer Bowie and the iconic actor Rickman were both the age of 69. To make light of grim news, many yakkers attributed the deaths to an author famed for cutting short the lives of beloved figures.

International news was not all bad last week though, and yakkers were able to highlight the details of a few whimsical stories from across the globe. In this first yak, a Russian photographer captured some entertaining shots of a bear in action, while in the second, historians created some controversy over an instrument. The third yak describes the story of a town in Wales that we all must surely commiserate with.

That just about wraps up this week's summary of the Week In Review feed! This spring holds plenty of excitement in the form of the NFL playoffs and the Oscars, along with several holidays sprinkled in! We can't wait to see the awesome humor that you users create!