Week In Review: Peek Recap from July 10th


Welcome back to the Week In Review Recap! Today we’re going to take a look back at a handful of the best posts from last week’s satirical news peek: Week In Review.

We did something different this time and left the peek feed up over the weekend. We were getting a ton of top notch content submitted from you guys on Friday, so we said what the hell, and left it up for a few more days. We got even more activity on Saturday than we had on Friday. We’re going to try that again this week and hope it becomes a trend!

Now, to the news…

Current Events

If you are reading this blog, you’re probably well aware of Uber, the company revolutionizing the way people get around. You are likely also aware that several cities have taken issue with the app-based taxi service, and legislators in these places (often at the behest of cab companies) have had to take action.

While California lawmakers have declared that Uber drivers are now employees, the city of Ottawa has taken a different approach, basically outlawing Uber’s business model. The Taco Bell Delegation has essentially done the opposite.



In pop culture news, MTV finally abandoned ship on a show that probably never should have existed in the first place, and Russia continued its war on fun. To be fair though, Disney World did something similar. The theme park has banned the use of selfie sticks within park grounds, implying that, as one yakker eloquently put it, “it is possible to be too touristy at Disney.”



The NBA’s annual free agency bonanza continued last week, as the moratorium on contract signings was lifted and teams made last-minute pitches to their top targets. The most bizarre story was headlined by Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan, whose team selection saga prompted several thousand words of confused sports reporting along with a series of objectively hilarious emoji tweets from players around the league. Long live the emoji.



Say what you will about the legalization debate. Personally, I think Nevada may be taking it a bit too far.



Similarly, the optics industry might experience a few unforeseen negative externalities stemming from their latest development.


That just about wraps it up here for the Week In Review Peek Recap. We had a terrific week in news and all you wonderful users responded by submitting some top-notch satire.

Here’s hoping Week In Review keeps growing! With that said, I leave you with my favorite random yak of the week. Enjoy!