Week In Review: Peek Recap July 17th


Welcome back to the Week In Review recap! We kept the Peek feed up over the weekend and once again it was a big success. Each week the feed is getting more and more love, with quality and quantity ever rising. Let’s keep it up!

Now, to the news...


Amazon made a huge deal about Prime Day, an online an event they hyped as “Black Friday 2.0.” Though there were some good deals to be had, it left everyone with an overall sense of disappointment. Pick your game up, Amazon.



Unsurprisingly, Floridians continued to do Florida things. In many ways, sometimes it seems that the state is a parody of itself. In the same week as the incident described in this yak below, a woman got arrested for slapping her partner with a sex toy — only in Florida.


I’ve gotta be honest, it took me longer than it should have to pick up on this next joke. Snakes don’t have arms. I am dumb. On a scale of 1 to “dad-joke”, this yak is about a 100.



Emmy nominations were released this week and Game of Thrones was appropriately showered in them. The show is fantastic, but the entire world is going through Westeros withdrawals at the moment now that the season is over. For now, we’ll all have to settle for True Detective. Or BattleBots. Or both.



In international news, Greece’s financial turmoil has many wondering if they will be able to remain in the Eurozone, while a new study out of Japan has left many people puzzled and uncomfortable. Color me both. It is a strange world we live in.



In case you hadn’t heard, a spacecraft made it to Pluto and took some pictures. Unfortunately, Pluto is not classified as a planet anymore, and hasn’t been since 2006.

Yaks came in noting that the $720 million expense of the mission was still 30% less than the price tag attached to the new Minnesota Vikings stadium, naturally prompting jokes to be made that for the Vikings, the playoffs are further away than the dwarf planet. Ah, pardon me, I meant, “little person planet.”


Well, this wraps up the highlights from this week’s feed. Week In Review is a hell of a lot of fun, and that’s all thanks to you guys! I’m going to cap off this summary with a bit of dark humor, which is a lot like food — not everyone gets it. Enjoy!