Week In Review: Peek Recap July 27th


We once again topped our previous high of views and submissions for Week In Review! Instead of blabbing on about how cool this is and how exciting it is that the feed is growing in popularity, I’ll just get right to the news. That’s why people read this in the first place, right?


If you haven’t heard about the new planet NASA discovered, don’t worry, because that probably means you have a life. But, if you have heard about it, you will know that the planet has an atmosphere that is extremely similar to our own here on Earth.

The planet is called Kepler 45b, and it is being referred to as Earth 2.0. This could be an elaborate hoax by NASA and George Lucas to drum up excitement for the new Star Wars movie, but I prefer to believe its actually true (which it is).



The Twitter-verse is abuzz with celebrity beefs. We shouldn’t care, but we do. Meek Mill has accused Drake of having help writing his songs. This shouldn’t matter since almost every accomplished artist has help writing. The reason Meek Mill cares so much is because Drake claims he’s the greatest.

Seriously, Meek? You think using a writer is the reason Drake can’t be the greatest? That’s like arguing with J.R. Smith when he says he’s the best player on the Cavaliers. You could get all worked up trying to do so and make a big stink about it, or you could just let him live his delusion. Always remember: The amount of effort it takes to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude greater than the amount of effort it takes to produce it.



In case you were curious what psychologists were up to, a few users submitted some pretty enlightening yaks this weekend. Everyone knows the stereotype of how a middle child behaves. Even middle children know it. Producing a study saying that the stereotype is wrong is a pretty classic middle child move. Typical.



These next three yaks are not really related to each other at all, but all rank pretty high on the Nye Scale, the grading system I created to judge how nerdy something is. Obviously, the system is named after Bill Nye, a science deity. This first post gets a 6.


A 7 this next one gets.


And this third one gets an 9. If you can drop in a Killers lyric while talking about advancements in cloning, you are a miracle of modern nerdlyness. And yes, that is not a real word.


For my favorite Week In Review yak of the weekend, I’ll need to provide some background. I’m not sure you remember this man, but Anthony Weiner was a pretty big deal a few years back. The New York politician disgraced himself and has been largely out of the public eye since.

He has popped back onto the scene with the news of his recent employment, as well as his role in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! That isn’t a typo. Anthony Weiner was in Sharknado 3. As was Frankie Munez, who had all four of his limbs bit off by sharks in the span of 45 minutes. If you haven’t seen that movie yet, I encourage you to do so. Enjoy the week!