Week In Review: Peek Recap from July 31st


Aaaaand we’re back! Lots of big things to talk about in the news this week and you guys were all over every inch of it. Tons of hilarious yaks and the most views that we’ve had so far during this entire Week In Review run! Nicely done. Let’s get to it.

US News

As most people know, ISIS is crazy. Some of their ideas seem a little half-baked, though. They recently cooked up the idea to start a world-ending war between the United States and India. India!

First off, what has India ever done to anyone? They mind their own business. Perhaps it’s simply because India is within driving range of ISIS’s turf. Second of all, what could ISIS do to India that would make the US angry at India, especially now that the US knows about their plan. For a multi-national terrorist group, ISIS really makes some confusing decisions.


Hot Topics

I’m just gonna throw it out there. I think hunting is okay. However, sport hunting on a safari does not really count as legitimate hunting, in my opinion. You basically hop out of a Jeep and a guide tells you when to pull the trigger. I can’t imagine that is as difficult as tracking a deer for hours in the woods on your own. It is alright for you to disagree. Either way, I’m sure you can tell where I’m going with this.

The internet is up in arms this week about a dentist from Minnesota who, with misinformed locals as his guides in Zimbabwe, shot and killed a well-known and well-liked lion named Cecil. It’s a shame that the lion is dead, and the guides -and perhaps the dentist, though I can’t pretend to be familiar with Zimbabwe's poaching law- deserve to get in trouble. But the dentist does not deserve to have his livelihood (or worse, his life) threatened. He and his family are currently in hiding, fearing the wrath of angry à la carte environmentalists, many of whom had never heard of Cecil prior to this incident.



Weird things happened elsewhere in the world this week too. Namely, the Tour de France. This event used to be something that dominated headlines on networks from CNN to ESPN as recently as five years ago. But now nobody, at least in the US, really seems to care anymore. I assume the messy Lance Armstrong fiasco has contributed greatly to the decreased interest in the sport, but Floyd Landis’s own cheating scandal should not escape blame either. I get the feeling that people can’t really trust the competitors anymore.



Speaking of not being able to trust competitors….

By far the most important event that happened this past week (in my humble, Bostonian opinion), was the handing down of Roger Goodell’s decision on Tom Brady’s appeal. I am a Patriots fan, so I don’t want to talk about this. I do have to give credit where credit is due, though, and therefore I will applaud these yaks. It’s a sore subject, but these yaks made me laugh.



Scary news for politicians next century: The city of Washington D.C. is slowly sinking into the swamp on which it was originally built. Non-politicians are curious whether we can speed up the process.


Now it’s time for my favorite random yak of the week. I chose to pick two this week because both were equally absurd. Also, since I’m the one writing this blog, I’m allowed to pick two if I feel like it. So here you go! My co-champions of the week: Enjoy!