Week In Review: Peek Recap From July 3rd


Last week, we formally introduced a new recurring featured peek called “Week In Review,” and it has been a huge hit! The gist is simple: take a piece of real news and expand upon it in a comical and creative way, much like Saturday Night Live does in their “Weekend Update” sketch. Our awesome yakkers have come up with some truly hilarious material across a wide variety of subjects. It was difficult for us to pick a list of our favorites, but we whittled it down to our top ten.

So here they are, our ten favorite Week in Review yaks from Friday, July 3rd!

U.S. Presidential Election

A big talking point this past week was the controversial actions of a certain US Presidential candidate, and he has generated a wonderful amount of comedic fodder. Never one to hide from the spotlight, this candidate has come out swinging, and has made some pretty incendiary comments in the process. This candidate is, of course, Donald Trump.



In the social tech world, big announcements have come out from some major players. Most notably, a report has been published revealing that the University of Phoenix has seen a rapid decline in their enrollment over the past half decade. This is troubling news for the online education giant, but it is also more fuel for awesome user-powered comedy.


International News

A major international story that continues to develop is the financial quandary brewing in Greece. Having defaulted on their payment to the IMF, Greece is now in debates about whether to leave the Euro Zone and return to their own national currency. In other news out of Europe, Russia continues to produce stories that hardly need jokes attached to them at all.



Comic Con is scheduled for this coming weekend in San Diego, and in preparation, fanatics have been pulling out all the stops for their costumes, even going so far as creating functional replicas of their favorite characters’ accessories.

Often times it seems that laughter is the best way to cope with misfortune. To crack a joke and share a giggle with someone, even an anonymous stranger, is a simple, unifying form of catharsis. So when a tragedy like the divorce of Hollywood power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner strikes, humor is there to help us cope with the unbearable sadness. R.I.P. Bennifer.


The Week in Review Peek feed is really starting to catch on! Each week we are seeing more and more excellent submissions, with quality and quantity increasing in lock step. We are thrilled to see it!

I conclude this week’s recap with the strangest submission of the day. This yak is in regard to a puzzling story from Taiwan where a fire occurred at a water park. Enjoy!