Week In Review: Peek Feed Recap from Nov. 13th-15th


It’s getting close to the holiday season folks, and unfortunately for many of you, that means it’s getting close to finals season. For many families, the Halloween decorations have come down, replaced by festive holiday lights and other wintry themed adornments. For many students, on the other hand, the Halloween decor remains. Who has time to redecorate when exams are right around the corner?

College Life

Right around this time of year, students likely start wishing they had a bit of extra brain power, much like the teenager this next yak details. Most people can’t describe the theory of relativity using science and he can do it using snack food? Unfair.

U.S. News

For those of us who aren’t geniuses, at least there’s coffee… which brings us to our next topic: Starbucks. The coffee shop giant changed their former holiday themed cup and now serves their winter-time beverages in a plain red cup. Some people got upset about this… And then the internet exploded with people who were upset at the people who were upset… until the whole thing turned into something Starbucks might never have expected to emanate from a monochromatic red snowflake-less cup… 

Another topic getting a lot of media buzz recently has been the alleged UFO sighting in Los Angeles. It is hard to know what to think every time a news story involving aliens arises. The “proof” is usually a shaky video shot at night that doesn’t really show anything clearly, and that’s exactly what we got this time too.

In terrestrial news, apparently raking leaves is bad for the environment. It makes sense if you think about it. The decomposed leaves, if left in place, should provide nutrients for the soil. But still, dads everywhere will definitely not tolerate that as an excuse.

A cool study came out of Japan recently, saying that individuals who use public transportation are healthier than those who do not. This shouldn’t be surprising. If you take the bus to work (or school) that implies you walk to and from the bus station every day. That’s a bit of extra exercise that regular drivers wouldn’t necessarily get.

In economic news, two interesting developments took place last week. Joe’s Crab Shack decided to ban the tipping of servers in their restaurants. Tipping has its pros and cons, but it will be interesting to see if any other restaurants follow suit.

International News

The other big story was the purchase of an insanely expensive gem for a seven year old girl. Does her father realize you can’t play house with a gem? The stone will just sit on her shelf gathering dust while she plays with toys that carried price tags worth .000001% of that gem. Either that, or she’ll get frustrated and throw it at the wall. Either way, the gift might just take the cake among least-justifiable purchases. (And we promise, we’re not just saying that because we’re jelly)

That just about wraps up this week’s summary. Before we sign off, we’d like to leave you with two of the best random yaks of the week. The first yak details yet another instance of the NFL stumbling, while the second highlights a long awaited success for cops in Minnesota. Though the strange stories of this past week may seem unlikely to be topped, we are confident you guys will continue to churn out hilarious content about ‘em! Enjoy the week!