Week In Review: Peek Feed Recap from Nov. 20th-22nd


Poor Peyton Manning. His chicken parm magic seems to have finally run out, and his stat sheet for the season currently lists him with 9 touchdown passes and 17 interceptions. He’s one of the best to ever do it but at this point he just doesn’t have it anymore. Stay on the bench Peyton. It isn’t fun for the fans to see you fall apart like this and it can’t be how you wanted your career to end.



As you have probably heard by now, Adele released her much anticipated new album, titled “25.” Though you may have heard about the release of the record, it is possible you have not actually heard any of the songs on it (besides Hello, that song is everywhere), because Adele decided not to release the album on Spotify.


Another cool release last week came from Lego, the makers of those colorful miniature foot torture devices adults step on. To help adults avoid the pain they get from stepping on those little blocks, Lego debuted their very own pair of slippers. Perhaps they didn’t know that regular slippers already existed.

While on the topic of kids’ toys, a TSA agent confiscated a young boy’s Buzz Lightyear toy last week. The story itself here is fairly innocuous, but whoever wrote this yak about it did an awesome job.

International News

Internationally, there were several yaks about stories happening all over the world. One submission detailed a new purchase the Canadian Navy was making, while another described the prison building dreams of an Indonesian politician. A third yak addressed a nightmare traffic jam in Kenya.


The most adorable of these international stories was of course about the cats at the G20 Summit. If you aren’t in the loop on this, the story is that a handful of cats were able to slink their way past security and onto the stage at a meeting of some of the most important people in the world! Maybe cats actually do rule the world…

That pretty much summarizes the news from last week. As always, you guys crushed it. As the holiday season draws near we are guaranteed to get a boatload of strange stories and that is perfect, since all of you will simply turn them into hilarious jokes! Enjoy your week!