Week In Review: Peek Feed Recap from Nov. 6th


The world does not revolve around the American political cycle, but sometimes it sure seems like the mainstream media does. In a transparent, public relations move to seem more relatable, Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live. His presence gave SNL its highest ratings since 2012, but did the comedy stem from his performance on the show, or the fact that he was brought on because he’s a presidential candidate?

U.S. Presidential Election

Trump’s GOP rival at the top of the polls, Dr. Ben Carson, made some news of his own recently. Despite his strong polling position, there is speculation about some of the things Carson has said. Despite his strong polling position, there’s speculation about some of the claims Carson has said recently… leaving some users to wonder whether words may come back to bite him.

On the other side of the political spectrum sits Bernie Sanders, the excitable Senator from Vermont. Sanders’ progressive stances on social issues have made him popular among young people, and his call for a liberalization of marijuana laws exemplifies this.

In pop culture, a late musician had a strange belonging of his auctioned off. Kurt Cobain was the frontman for Nirvana until his untimely passing, known for his grungy vocals and flowing locks. Now, you can buy some of those locks. But do you really want to have things in common with the guy from Charlie’s Angels who is obsessed with hair? To be clear, we’re talking about the newer Charlie’s Angels, the movies with Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore. Not the old school TV show that was on decades ago.


The other celebrity bouncing around these days is ar Jar Binks, the lovable (and hateable) Gungan.


As always on this odd planet of ours, there were some seriously weird news stories last week. A CEO crash landed a plane on a highway, a woman was denied her slot machine winnings, and a man got accidentally shot at a highway restaurant. Yes, good folks, these stories are all true.

That wraps up this week’s summary of the Week In Review peek feed. This coming week features two (two!) American presidential debates which are certain to provide plenty of comedic fodder, so let’s cross our fingers and hope that the rest of the world produces enough bizarre stories to keep up!