Week In Review: Peek Feed Recap from Oct. 30th


Happy Halloween! Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe (and spooky) weekend. Two of the music industry’s largest stars made big news last week, but for wildly different reasons. Adele released a new album, and it almost broke the internet. Justin Bieber, likely the polar opposite of Adele, was the other pop star in the news, but for once it was not totally his fault.

Two stories broke recently that probably scared students more than any Halloween costume. The first involved the Bubonic plague. Like the actual plague. Everyone run for your lives.

The second story involved a holy man trying to make some coin selling magic writing utensils. The only magic writing utensil is that Bic pen that has four colors all in the same pen. That thing is an actual Godsend.

A few of the world’s particularly visible companies were involved in some particularly entertaining stories in the final days of October, and some hilarious users made a point of highlighting them. Pfizer is a company almost everyone has interacted with at some time in their life, and the same could now be said about Facebook. Pretty much everyone uses Pfizer’s drugs, and pretty much everyone uses Facebook. Not so for BMW. Plenty of folks drive one or have driven one, but in general, the majority of interactions with BMW’s involve cursing at their drivers for parking terribly or cutting us off.

This next yak is pretty fantastic, but the funniest part about it is that it could legitimately be true. Trump didn’t comment on Hurricane Patricia, but if he had, not a single person would be surprised if he said EXACTLY this.

That just about wraps it up for this week’s recap of the Week In Review peek feed from Halloween weekend. As always, the news is going to keep pumping out stories, so it is up to you guys to keep churning out jokes! You’re doing a great job! In parting, here’s our favorite yak from the weekend. Not only does it involve Guardians of the Galaxy, but it also highlights a really positive story. Enjoy!