Week In Review: Peek Feed Recap from Oct. 2nd-5th


Welcome back everyone for this edition of the Week In Review recap.

As you all have surely heard, an announcement was made that water had been found on Mars! The public has known for quite some time that there was water on the red planet at one time in the distant past, since the planet’s topography included what seemed to be dried up rivers. NASA discovered that these beds are not totally dried up though, and that water flows through them intermittently even still.

A separate field of science also made a breakthrough this past week, as artificially photosynthetic leaves were finally announced. This is a huge development that could potentially change the way we look at carbon dioxide absorption and its impact on climate change.


While on the topic of liquids flowing, check out this yak detailing some humorous news out of New Zealand.

The Kiwis produced more noteworthy news as well, as these next two yaks highlight.

Three Canadian citizens made big splashes this week. One of them was the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He is currently running for re-election and as part of his platform has declared that under his administration, the Giant Panda population of Canada will double. The Great White North currently has just two of these bears, but both are pregnant. It’s unclear if Harper means the population will double from two to four, or if he means to double from four to eight. Either way, the bears do not even technically belong to Canada. They are on loan from China.

The second Canadian to make news was Justin Bieber. In an interview last week, Biebs stated that he wanted to try to live more like Jesus. Easy there Justin, pop stars have compared themselves to Christ in the past and trust us, it did not go well. Consult John Lennon if you have any questions.

The third Canuck to make headlines was a woman named Joan Stirling. Fortunately, she has since been granted citizenship and equally as importantly, her national health card.

It did not come as a surprise to see several yaks about the Volkswagen scandal from last week. For those who are unaware of what happened, the gist is that the German automaker programmed its vehicles to detect when they were being given emissions tests, and thus to adjust their performance to pass the inspections.

To close it off this week, here are two fantastic yaks that are not at all related, but are both hilarious. The peek feed was longer and funnier than ever this past week, so pat yourselves on the back! Keep it up!