Week In Review: Recap of the Peek Feed from Sept. 11-13


For many of us, our work/school schedules were short this week thanks to Labor Day. For those who don’t get that day off, we feel for ya. We are in the thick of September now, and at least for us, the sweltering temperatures of the summer are starting to fade and the crisp breezes of autumn are starting to slip their way into our lives. Finally, we can walk to the grocery store without looking like we just ran a marathon.

U.S. Presidential Election

The short work week for many of course did not apply to the US Presidential candidates, who made sure to keep their names in the news seemingly at any cost. Shockingly, the only candidate who did not make a big media splash this week was Donald Trump, who for once kept quiet. But not really.



Do people still know who Ryan Lochte is? Last Olympics there was a lot of hype that he would surpass Phelps and be crowned as the US’s newest Olympic darling. That didn’t quite happen, and Lochte didn’t do many favors for his public image. The man wore a grill for pete’s sake.

In other sporting news, heavy favorite Serena Williams lost in her bid for a grand-slam. The resale market for tickets to the championship match dropped by over 50% almost immediately following Serena’s defeat. Not everyone loves watching tennis, but people do appreciate greatness. And Serena is great. It’s a shame that she’s out.

Lots of controversy with referees this week. Thanks to a ref bobbling the football as the game clock ran out, the University of Colorado was unable to get off their last second play against the University of Hawaii, and the game ended in a victory for Hawaii. Additionally, a player for Brigham Young University ran over and hugged a ref after BYU defeated Nebraska on a miraculous Hail Mary. The player has since laughed about it and admitted it was silly. Players in Texas embraced their ref with different intent it seems.


Apple is in the news again! New Apple products have been announced that will lead people to spend more money than they ought to on something they don’t really need to impress their peers who don’t really care. But this is really important, apparently.


Weathermen, or as they prefer to be known, meteorologists, are often in the news. But usually they are delivering the news. That was not the case this week.

That just about wraps it up for this week. Hopefully these next few days bring exciting news so that our wonderfully creative users can exploit it for the purposes of everyone’s collective amusement. Have a good week!