Week In Review: Peek Feed Recap from Sept. 18-20


Hello everyone and welcome back to this edition of our Week In Review recap!

There were two quite strange stories involving adorable animals this past week. The first one begins with a two-year-old playing with her puppy, during which time she allowed it to jump into the dryer. Later, her older sister walked over and started the dryer, not knowing that amongst the clothes was also a pooch. The mother of the family realized the dog was missing a half an hour later and immediately stopped the dryer and rushed it to the vet, where they were able to save the dog.

The second animal story is a bit less scary. Staff members at the Seattle Aquarium have learned that one of their otters is an asthmatic and are doing their best to train it how to use its own special inhaler, which uses the same medicine that human asthma inhalers use. The idea of an otter using an inhaler is adorable.

Taco Bell had a few big announcements this past week. One was that they were going to abandon their hopes to sustain a higher end version of their popular fast food chain. The other was that they were going to start serving alcohol in two locations, one in Chicago and one in San Francisco. It is hard to really see the point of serving booze at a Taco Bell, since most people eating there are already drunk.

Speaking of Mexican food that isn’t really Mexican food, Chipotle made the news for the wrong reasons this week. So too did a school in Maryland, though the yak may be difficult to understand for those of you who are not familiar with Pink Floyd. If you find yourself in that group, check out the last minute of the song “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)”. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

And for international news: Japan!

While on the topic of animals that are also machines, it is fitting to mention the British Royal Navy, and their announcement that they are building “concentrated energy cannons”, which is science jargon for “death rays”.

Other news out of England concerned Charles Darwin, and the devolution of man’s best friend.

One of the largest events that occurred in the past week was of course the second Republican Presidential Debate, which was aired on CNN. It was messy, and not all that informative, but at times wildly entertaining.

Likely the most controversial story in recent news involved a boy in Texas named Ahmed Mohamed. He built a clock for a school project, and his teachers mistook it for a bomb. Not to be crass, but this story blew up nationally and has received attention from such individuals as Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama.

That wraps up our summary of the Week In Review peek feed from this past weekend. Looking forward to reading all your great news recaps again this week!