Week In Review: Peek Feed Recap from Sept. 25-27


The Pope finally decided to visit the United States! That was exciting for a lot of people. More exciting, though, was Nickelodeon’s announcement that they will be bringing back a long list of fan favorites from the 90′s. Starting on October 5th, Nick will debut “The Splat”, which will be an 8-hour block of programming consisting exclusively of reruns from shows like “Rugrats”, “Catdog”, and “Legends of the Hidden Temple”.

The move is an effort by the company to reengage millennials who had outgrown the network’s current programming. Guess what Nickelodeon, it worked.

While we’re on the topic of TV, let’s talk about Netflix. Our online television overlords did a pretty cool study on binge watching where they attempted to learn how many episodes of a given show it took to get people hooked. Breaking Bad and Bates Motel were judged to be the winners, with both shows needing only an average of two episodes to get their viewers to commit for the long haul. 

Last week was a busy one for the auto industry. The major story that broke concerned Volkswagen. The German car company was discovered to have been cheating on their emissions tests. Long story short, the onboard computers inside Volkswagen cars were able to detect when the car was being put through an emissions test, and adjust its performance accordingly. That meant that while the test was in progress, the car would reduce emissions (and sacrifice fuel efficiency) in order to pass the test. Once the test was over though, the car would revert to its normal performance and emissions would spike to roughly 40 times their tested levels.

Other stories from the auto industry this past week involved swirling rumors about the potential of an Apple Car, along with more of the same regular craziness from Florida. Thank you Florida, you keep us young.

Speaking of Florida, this next yak proposed what John Boehner may do now that he has stepped down from his position as Speaker of the House.

Food chains made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic last week. Yes Starbucks, you count as a food chain.

Everyone has to deal with annoyingly high phone bills every now and then, but a man in Oregon was hit with a bill that cost him a shot at moving into a new home. Fortunately, the accounting error was resolved, and the man was able to get on with his life.

To close off this edition of the Week In Review recap, let’s highlight one last yak concerning millennials and the silly things they (we) love. Can’t wait to see what you awesome users produce this week. Keep up the great work everyone!