Words From the Wise: Advice From the Class of 2016


One day it’s your freshman year of college and you feel daunted, embarking on a new and slightly intimidating adventure. The next it’s your senior spring, four years have flown by, and you’re standing on the precipice of the real-world. As the class of 2016 reflects on their college careers, they took to Yik Yak to share the wisdom they’ve gained with the fall’s incoming freshmen. 

Helping out those following in your footsteps is what it’s all about, and we love seeing Yakkers spread their wealth of knowledge and experience.   

Basics first: get to class so you can pass

Don't wear yourself out: give your mind, body, & spirit some TLC 

Essential college life hacks: lesser-known tips and tricks that'll make all the difference 

Summer's up next: acing your internship (and future *gulp* job) 

And above all: don't forget to stop and savor the best found years of your life (so far)! 

Huge congrats to the class of 2016 as your celebrate your accomplishments and prepare for your next adventure!