Yik Yak For The Web Gets A New Addition!


Hey Yakkers! Remember when we launched Yik Yak on the web? We wanted you to be able to yak without limitations, so we focused on letting you yak or reply straight from your laptop. But as you’ve been yakking it up there, we heard time and again that there was another big part of the Yik Yak mobile experience you’d love to be able to use on the web: the ability to peek into conversations happening elsewhere. So today we’re steppin’ up our game and bringing one of your favorite features to the big(ger) screen! 

Now on Yik Yak for the web, it’s super easy peek into conversations happening where you aren’t (read: your rival campus on game day, cough cough). To get started, just hit the "click to preview" button at the top right corner of yikyak.com. Lo and behold a map of the world will appear, and you can peek into (but not engage with) conversations wherever your interest takes you! Of course, if you’re on the Yik Yak mobile app you can peek just the same way you always have, by tapping on the search icon in the top right corner of the “Explore” tab. 

Check it out here!