Yakademy Awards


If you woke up this morning feeling like the world was a little brighter, it's probably because Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his (much deserved!) Oscar at the 88th Annual Academy Awards. There were so many memorable moments from last night's show; everything from the adorable Jacob Tremblay not being tall enough to reach the microphone, Kate Winslet paying for Girl Scout cookies (she's one of us! she's one of us!), and the characters Toy Story presenting the award for Best Animated Film to Inside Out!

Yakkers hopped on the live Yak Chat & chimed in with their opinions of the show throughout the show. One of the most yakked about moments was - naturally - Leo's big win. Over 25% of the conversation during the Yak Chat surrounded the winner of Best Lead Actor.

Surprisingly enough, the congratulatory conversation didn't last long. The topic that most yakkers were talking about was the one that was heavy on Leo's heart - climate change. Many yakkers found it admirable that he used this platform to speak about this important topic.

Another hot topic of the night was Lady Gaga's performance of "Til It Happens To You" from the film Hunting Ground. The performance was introduced by - VP! - Joe Biden and prefaced by asking audience members and viewers at home to sign a pledge that will help college students who have been victims of sexual violence. The performance was moving & inspiring for many yakkers.

The biggest issue of the night for yakkers was also the biggest topic of the night for host, Chris Rock - diversity. From his opening monologue to the last line of his goodbye, yakkers had many comments to make about his jokes - both pros & cons.

Just as the big A-list actors & actresses were using the OSCAR's stage as a platform to be an advocate for change, yakkers used the Yak Chat to voice their own opinions on these important global issues. Bringing the world together (& feeling a little smaller) one Yakademy Award at a time.