Yakkers on Clinton, Trump and why 25% of them support third party candidates


We’re back at it again – yes, I’m talking about election 2016. As November 8th quickly approaches, there’s lots on the line. Let’s get to it!  

There’s been a lot of talk of the distaste toward both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who each seem to draw more criticism than praise. Still, Clinton held a 10-pt lead over Trump among Yakkers at the end of August, before this weekend’s health fiasco. 

When we asked Yakkers why they're voting for Clinton or Trump, their main motivation was opposition of the other candidate. Of those voting for Hillary, 82% said she has their support because #NeverTrump, while 66% of Trump voters pinned that on not wanting Clinton as POTUS.

Third-party or bust? 

At the end of August, 25% of Yakkers said if the election were today they’d vote for Johnson or Stein. To learn more about this, we polled 5,000 Yakkers who aren’t planning to vote for Clinton or Trump and asked, why not? 60% say it’s because they don’t want either one to be president, but 26% of Yakkers said their decision is driven by the fact that they prefer a third-party candidate’s policies.

Still #feelingthebern

To find out who Yakkers would be excited to vote for, we asked who they’d want – in a perfect world – to see on this year’s ballot. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bernie Sanders was the runaway favorite: 55% wish he was running. The next ideal pick? 32% would be open to a third term for Barack Obama. Of those who are on the ballot, Johnson polled highest: 20% are glad he’s there.

T-11 days: the debates!

The first debate is than 2 weeks away (oh the drama!) and a looming question becomes whether Gary Johnson will join Clinton and Trump on stage. Among Yakkers, he polled 19% at the end of July and 20% at the end of August; the network cutoff is 15% in 5 national surveys. We asked what the criteria should be for a candidate to be included. 74% believe that a candidate who polls at least 5% should be in the debate (and 23% think that any candidate running in the race should have their say at the podium). What do you think? Will Gary be on stage come September 26? 

Contributing authors: Hilary McQuaide, Olivia Boger, & Rosalee MacKinnon