Yakkers React To The Big Game


A Puppy, A Monkey, A Baby, & A Bronco

Sunday night the teams played their hearts out, Beyonce got in formation, and the commercials competed for our laughs. Somewhere in between bites of pizza and buffalo chicken dip, Yakkers were weighing in on one of the biggest sports holidays of the year! 

The Game

After an impressive defensive game, the Denver Broncos took home the Lombardi Trophy – and fans around the country had a lot to say about the match-up and the end results. The map below shows which team was mentioned most by state. 

Broncos Yakkers posted yaks of excitement and showed their admiration for quarterback legend, Peyton Manning. Fans of the Panthers, however, expressed their frustration over the direction the game was going, while trying to remain positive and #KeepPounding. Other Yakkers were just excited for the Super Bowl to finally be here!  

The Halftime Show

Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars – oh my! The star-studded halftime show was something to behold: Bey vs. Bruno dance-off, psychedelic colors galore, and sentimental flashbacks. Yakkers certainly got in formation during the performance - 24% of Super Bowl-related yaks focused on the halftime show!

The Commercials

The Broncos got the trophy on the field, but everyone knows the real competition is for who has the best commercial of the night. That proved true because 17% of all Super Bowl-related yaks focused on the commercials. Budweiser happened to be the most buzzed-about brand of the night, followed by Doritos, T-Mobile, and Pokémon. Here's which brand was discussed most in each state:

Pokémon 20 was the most popular individual commercial – 65% of yaks felt all the feels over an ad that tapped into Yakkers' nostalgia for the good ol' days. The #2 spot went to Budweiser’s most-discussed commercial, Bud Light Party (57% of yaks were big fans) with Seth Rogen & Amy Schumer. Coming in at #3 was Doritos’ ultrasound commercial (54% dug it, though it also generated a fair amount of discomfort). One ad that didn’t go over so well was Mountain Dew’s PuppyMonkeyBaby – 73% of yaks about this ad found it cringe-worthy

Of the many celebrity appearances, Steve Harvey was the runaway winner, earning kudos for turning an embarrassing mistake into comedic genius in his T-Mobile ad; many yakkers were praising brand for coming up with such a genius idea! In a poll posed to Yakkers after the game ended, Steve Harvey's T-Mobile spot was deemed their favorite of the night.

After all was said and done, Yakkers enjoyed the game, the halftime show, and the commercials. But a few Yakkers just simply enjoyed being a party of the party! 

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