Yik Yak at Bonnaroo

Fun 'n Funky

We’re excited to announce that Yik Yak will be partnering with Bonnaroo on June 11-14th to make your ‘Roo experience one that’s unforgettable!

Not only will you be able to make new friends, but we’ve also created a special Peek Feed called ‘Roo Around You’ to help you stay in-the-know about pop-up events, share the weird and wonderful, get behind the scenes info, and more!

So break out your tent, camelbak, and funky costumes, and get ready for four days and three nights of boogieing. Don’t forget to stop by the information booth at Centeroo to meet the Yik Yak crew and snag some sweet Yak swag.

Never been to a festival before? No need to fret! The Yik Yak staff is full of festival veterans, and they’ve put together a great list of tips to help make your first festival experience magical!

Tips for Festival Campers


I know it’s really repetitive but stay hydrated! The heat can exhaust you. Dehydration will make you lightheaded and nauseated. Purchase a Camelbak hydration backpack and refill them at the free water stations inside the festival and on the campgrounds.

Roo 1_


Wear sunblock everywhere. Seriously. We’re not kidding. The sun is a beautiful star that brings light to the Earth. It will also burn you to a crisp, and skin cancer is not a joke. UV radiation can also come through the clouds and trees so make sure you wear sunblock even when the weather is cloudy or when sitting under the shade. Reapply every couple hours and don’t forget about your lips too!



There will be tons of people walking around the festival kicking up dirt all weekend. Wear a bandana over your face so you don’t breathe in the dust. If you don’t, your snot will be black at the end of the day. *Shudders* Psst…we’ll be giving them away at Centeroo!



Wipe yourself down with baby wipes every night before you get into your sleeping bag. You’ll be surprised at the amount of dust your body can amass over the course of one day.



You most likely won’t be at Centeroo the whole day. Make sure you take enough breaks in between acts or you’ll tire yourself out. If you want to take a nap during the day, make sure you take a battery-powered fan.



Stay clean and save money on showers by purchasing a Solar Shower which you can fill at the free water stations.  You can also bring gallon jugs of water to wash up next to your campsite. If you like the weekend grime, then you may want to take some extra dry shampoo and deodorant.



Stretch every day. You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, running, dancing, etc. over the weekend, so don’t forget to stretch every morning and every night. You can also double your yoga mat’s use by using it under your sleeping bag as extra cushion. Bring an extra thick yoga mat. Bonnaroo also offers yoga classes every day.



Bring a portable Bluetooth speaker for your campsite. Trust me, it will be boring if you don’t have music. Worried that your speaker might get dirty or wet? Check out these durable, waterproof cases from AudioActiv for a variety of speaker models.



Make your own unique totem that is specific to your festival group. A totem can be a meeting point for you and your friends and is especially useful in large crowds. Here are some cool ideas to help you get started. Make sure your totem follows Bonnaroo guidelines!



All that dancing can be tough on your feet. Ease the pressure on your arch by getting gel insoles for your shoes. Hiking boots or proper running shoes would be the best types of shoes to take with you to festivals. Always take an extra pair of shoes just in case it rains.

hiking boots


Pitch your tent with the entrance of your tent facing away from where the sun will be rising. When it gets hot in the morning, you can open your tent door to let the breeze in so you can sleep in without the sun in your eyes.

pitch tent

Festivals are opportunities to experience music in a free and open environment with audiophiles from all over the world. Camping can be uncomfortable and at times, stressful. In the end, the heat and exhaustion will be worth the memories you will gain. Just remember to take a deep breath, enjoy the music, and spread the positive vibes!

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