Yik Yak Puppypalooza!


Finals week can be a stressful period for most students. Here you are, sitting in the library thinking you couldn’t possibly cram more into your brain, as pages are mindlessly turned and hours dreadfully inch closer to D-Day. It’s important to take short, frequent breaks as you study, so what did we here at the Yik Yak headquarters think would help you guys relax and cheer you up?


Every year, hundreds of thousands of dogs are rescued from the streets and from abusive owners. They deserve the same kind of love and care as every other puppy that belongs to a family, so Yik Yak partnered with local shelters to bring out some of these puppies to college campuses to help students unwind during study breaks.

We brought out puppies and free Yik Yak merchandise in exchange for donations to the local shelters and animal-related non-profit organizations. We visited Emory University, where we were able to collectively raise $266 for Ahimsa House, Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen,Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption, and PAWS Atlanta. At the University of Tampa, we were able to raise $147 for the local Tampa Bay Humane Society.


It’s awesome to discover new utilities for our app and how powerful a Yik Yak community rallying together can bring happiness to even just one puppy! Yak on, my friends!